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Rossi Tyre Advert


Rossi Tyre operates in the tyre and fitment industry, most of the adverts that have been done for Tyres in Zimbabwe are very similar so we wanted to do something out of the box and make it very Zimbabwean! Zimbabwean people love supporting locals and we built off this to create a new advert for their premium tyre brand Sailun. The main idea was to choose 5/6 different locations we could shoot at near Harare and film a series of shots that would be combined into a smooth edit. The specific tyre we were advertising is an all-terrain tyre so we shot a combination of on-road and off-road as well as on top of some mountains to get good scenic shots. Shooting this video was very interesting and it came together very well!


The video was noticed by Sailun, the official supplier, as one of the best marketing videos done for this tyre! So far the video has had over 35k views and this number continues to grow! Rossi Tyre was extremely happy with this video and the effect it had on their brand. This is their favourite marketing video up to date.

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